What Is Behind the Furry of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland?

What Is Behind the Furry of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland ?

The administration of Dahir Riyale is furious over the decision of the EU delegation and other donor countries. That in their recent visit to Somaliland they have supported the NEC and political parties in their agreement to hold national elections on time and their worry over the impasse created by the unilateral decision of the Guurti (House of Elders) have made the Minister upset and confused.

Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Dualeh while commending the Guurti for their unilateral decision to extend the President’s term of office has also condemned the EU delegation and other donor countries like Britain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the United States of America for their decision to agree with the NEC and the political parties calling the delegation problem makers. Mr. Abdullahi is particularly furious over the interview they have given at the airport in which they have expressed concern over the extension of President’s term, and that the delegation failed to meet the Guurti (House of Elders). In an angry tone, Mr. Dualeh threatened to complain about the delegation. Insisting that the delegation supported only the Commission and the political parties, he reiterated how sorry and upset the administration was over their decision and that Riyale’s administration is going to complain to the EU and donor countries who are now conferring with the delegation. ‘He will tell the EU and donor countries that their delegation created problems for us and they (EU and donor countries) will be responsible for any consequences.’

Mr. Dualeh concluded his angry remarks that ‘we are going to tell them (EU and donor countries ) that if you are dictating the terms of the little help you offer us then you can keep it and we can live without it.’

PS. The delegation’s purpose was to participate in the ceremony of the agreement reached among the political parties and the National Election Commission and to make sure that elections happen on time. The purpose of the mission that Abdullahi Mohamed Dualeh seems to misunderstand is to help the democratization process not to help dictatorship. He is mad at the EU delegation for not endorsing the extension.

The other thing that Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Dualeh seems to contradict himself is this: On the hand he wants us to believe that Dhair Riyale extension is legitimized through the constitution because the country is in a state of emergency but on the other hand he is furious over a statement made that the peace in Somaliland is on a shaky ground. Which one is true? If the country’s peace is not threatened then how is Dahir Riyale’s extension explained.