Is there a problem between Opposition Parties and Dahir Riyale or has the President Change Coats from a Democratically Elected President to a Deaf Dictator?

Is there a problem between Opposition Parties and Dahir Riyale or has the President Change Coats from a Democratically Elected President to a Deaf Dictator?

Every time a glimmer of hope shines and all agree on conflict resolution, it is Riyale who turns around and says no to it. So let the chips fall where they may. Let’s call a spade a spade. There is no problem in Somaliland except one: Riyale who refused to leave office at the end of his term. Who else accept him is the problem? Opposition parties and the society do not want him to stay after May 15th simply because his term of office ends. This president is proving to be difficult for a) ignoring the constitution b) disregarding any form of conflict resolution and c) turning the blame elsewhere. Today he is bringing to court the driver of the young girl his police killed without cause. This tactic of beating the innocent is his way of diverting attention and blame.

Now the Peace Academy took over the conflict resolution that everyone else failed to achieve. How is the Peace Academy different from the patent Mr. Abdulrahman Cirro? Perhaps, he feels the Peace Academy will fulfil his wish. Trust me as soon as they try to resolve the problem, he will say no. We have seen many conflicts created by his deafness that even the best of the Somali scholars got involved and failed. Does he listen to anyone? To keep this president even for a day after his term is over is very dangerous and detrimental to the country.

If through negotiation, we allow him to remain for another year we are taking the path of destruction. Igal has set precedence for Riiyale and this is the footpath Riiyale is threading on even thought that was before the Constitution. Now with a Constitution, how can we put informal negotiations over constitutional right? If we allow this president who does not have any reason to remain in office to have his way then we shouldn’t have constitution at all. We should get ready that come April 2009, we will be in the same situation if Somaliland exists that long. Riyale listens to no body, so what guarantees do we have he will leave peacefully after a year. Those who believe so should think again that by then there may not be Somaliland presidency to fight over or constitutional articles to worry about.

Don’t give him the long robe to strangle Somaliland. He has already strangled the constitution of the country which is the path to our free nation. Do not give him the opportunity to remain in office and suffocate us? Is Dahir Riyale a man to be trusted? Somali Landers do not know what he has done for the country. Nothing about his actions is transparent. He has proven to be ruthless with the citizens. He gives deaf ears to the road to conflict resolution which is the one think that many Somali Landers boast has saved our country. So if he broke the constitution that has become our road to democracy, if he has given deaf ear to the conflict resolution that has brought us out of darkness and is busy only on his vision of remaining in office and dealing with the public brutally, then what evidence does anyone has that he will be loyal to our country and he will leave the office peacefully after a year. Nothing he shows us point to a merit of a man who honours his word. Somali Landers is warned. Fight him to leave office. Forget peaceful means. Arrini madax la qabtay leedahay ee mijo la qabto ma laha. Bite the bullet and take the bull by the horns.

If he succeeds in the office after May 15th. Let everyone know that he holds the office by dictatorship and there is no democracy in Somaliland. Anyone who believes otherwise is deluding himself. That will be Goodbye Democracy, Welcome Dictatorship!

Rhoda A. Rageh