UCID: A legitimate Party Is Treated Disrespectfully by Riyale’s Administration

Riyale is trying to silence the voice of UCID. He wants to turn the political war in Somaliland today as a war between his administration and KULMIYE like the time of Said Barre. In his mind, he sees himself like Siad Barre and the KULMIYE Party as the SNM. He does not realize Somaliland is a democratic country with three equally viable political parties. This polarization and total ignorance of the concerns voiced by a powerful, legitimate and fair party as UCID with its own political views and concerns is to disrespect and devalue the power of that party. Riyale once said to threaten Hirsi Haji Ali ‘Waad saqiirii doontaa haddii aad yeeli waydo waxaan dono’ meaning: ‘you will die young if you don’t fulfil what I want. Is ignoring UCID’s opinion a way of reducing its power and legitimacy? UCID and KULMIYE represent the voices of two major camps in Somaliland . Therefore for Riyale to disregard the opinions of the UCID party is to dismiss the power that is in the hands of UCID and its large membership. If he thinks he can kill UCID’s opinion young, he is dead wrong and is in for a big surprise.
The conflict in Somaliland today is about constitutional crisis created by Riyale and his administration. The opposition parties stand together as one voice against the dictatorship and the abuse of power in Somaliland . The two parties speak for the good of the country so for Riyale to make it a war on his administration and KULMIYE is a feeble attempt to divide and rule. It is similar to a recent incident in which he renamed Abdi Edan zone to Sheik Omar zone in order to rehash a long forgotten conflict between two clans – another lesson of clan exploitation he learnt from Siad Barre to divert attention from him. It was a tragic and failed move which has backfired on his inept government.
Chairman Faisal Ali Waraabe voiced an opinion as thoughtful and as powerful as Ahmed Silanyo. UCID members are as upset about the chaos in the country as every Somali Lander should be and rightfully so. It was the UCID election commission member who was the first to expose Riyale’s manipulation and who left in protest followed by the member from KULMIYE. Now the present NEC team that have chosen to serve the interest of one man instead of their country is free from patriotic individuals like the members of UCID and KULMIYE.
Time is running out for Riyale. He will go on the 15th of May. In the meantime let him be nin daad qaaday xumbo cuskay.
Therefore Riyale’s tactic to ignore UCID’s concerns and his dictatorial attempts to polarize the conflict into a war between his government and KULMIYE will backfire just as well.