Vice President Ahmed Yussuf Yasin Must Resign or Face Impeachment Now

What the Vice President of Somaliland, Ahmed Yussuf Yasin, said in the Udub press conference held in Hargeisa on February 8, 2009 was both shocking and appalling and amounts to treason against Somaliland independence and international recognition.

The treasonous statements of the Vice President, Ahmed Yussuf Yasin, and the suspension of Somaliland Passport by Djabouti Authority subsequently following the recent meeting held in Djabouti between Dahir Riyale and Nuur Adde show a plot against Somaliland sovereignty devised in the meeting. The Vice President alone does not have the power to disclose such troubling stand against Somaliland independence without the knowledge of President Dahir Riyale. Dahir Riyale is believed to be pushing Ahmed Yasin to go out publicly and speak against Somaliland independence to test the reaction of the people. The international and Somalia`s news agencies picked up immediately what the vice president said and may have negative impact on Somaliland Recognition worldwide.

Therefore, the Vice President, Ahmed Yussuf Yasin, must resign immediately or face impeachment for committing treason against Somaliland independence and recognition. This is a wake up to Somaliland people to rescue their independence from the treasonous government headed by Dahir Riyale. Long live Somaliland.

Ibrahim Hassan Gagale