Chairman Ahmed M. Mohamoud(Siilaanyo) Is A True Leader , Visionary And True Somaliland Hero !

By: Dr. M.O.Nur-Shacabi, California, USA

Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silaanyos’ leadership role is dynamic and it simplifies that his leadership qualities and political expertise is something that we all Somalilanders need at this time.

Silaanyo is someone who knows how to tackle and let others take the hike when it is a matter of security and protection of his country and his people.

Silaanyos’ vision is a true vision. The one million question is who is really behind the scene, and why he doesn’t willing to see the Constitution of Somaliland without conditions???

We all know that life’s path is not a smooth course, but let us not to be out of touch from the reality and the dangerous road that will come out from the Riyales’ Government of nagging to have an open discussion between the two Political Parties, by totally ignoring the Somaliland Constitution and the power of Somaliland Citizens.

We all heard the latest news from the Riyal’s government which clearly indicates that he and his government members will not discuss with anyone with the extension of so called six months term for his presidency and the article 83 of the Somaliland Constitutionality which needs in my opinion to wipe-out from the Constitution since it causes more crisis than resolution.

This implies that no discussion will take place between Riyales’ government and the other two political parties of Kulmiye and Ucid, unless they are in agreeable with his terms and conditions which we all know by now that he already submitted a decree of mandating the up-coming Presidential elections on September 27, 2009, which is a cosmetic decree when he knows that his presidential term has elapsed on April 6, 2009,which means he is not a lawful sitting President (One Ruling Party) and NO elections at all.

When I think of a great leader, I often think of someone that has the caliper, honesty and the vision that Ahmed Silaanyo has. We need to support his action of this noble cost of saving from our nation to be destroyed.

If we all somalilanders support Silaanyos’ peace effort to save our country, then we all know where we are going and why. However, instead of pushing our unity and brotherhood as a Somalilanders, we as a Somalilanders need to lead our country and people by example in service to human needs.

I think it’s dangerous to idealize our critical situation. It’s not realistic and doesn’t serve us if we don’t act now to save our country in the long run. That implies that our current leaders have a special “something” that is magical and repeatable. This also means that no particular leader can really, legitimately, stand up and claim this Somaliland territory, except for the will of the Somalilanders approval and the will of the true Constitutionality of the Somaliland.

I think Ahmed Mohamed Silaanyo does seem to have the personality style of a true politician and a leader that we all need to support his role right now. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud(Silanyo) is a true leader,visionary and true Somaliland Hero!

Mohamed Osman Nur(shacabi)

Oakland, California.,USA