Somalia-zation Of Somaliland Happening In Earnst

Ibrahim Mead

Ibrahim Mead

Some one was and is working over time to destabilize peaceful Somaliland and that is no other than her own government! — by Ibrahim Mead

  • Three time International Elections
  • Observer in Somaliland
  • Director of Conflict Resolution Organization)
  • (CATCRI)
  • Political Analyst

Ottawa. Ontario. Canada

“Somalia-zation” of Somaliland happening in earnest!

To:  local progressive peace loving forces To: International community/ Regional governments To: Friends of Somaliland ‘who wonder what ever has happen to Somali Landers!’ To: Friends of peace and stability in the horn and east of Africa To: Whom It May Concern: Some one was and is working over time to destabilize peaceful Somaliland and that is no other than her own government! No one can rationalize this idiocy, but it happened before. Just looks back the recent Somali history. Said Barre and his clique did it. They destroyed Somali Republic! Now it is happening in Somaliland,and the actors of this are the remnants of Barre! Riyaale, his Moneyman, and flock are instigating inter-clan wars and pay money and propaganda, as to do just those! It is happening now! Only the opposition parties and the people are resisting react this evil undertaking! The question is, how long? It is a matter of time! Riyaale said, ” Somaliland will not exist after me” he threatened the nation in more than three times that way! He said that from his own lips! It is in the records! Awil Duale said, ” the sole reason I joined Riyaale’s government is for revenge!” clan revenge that is! That was from his lips too! The oldest man in town Mr.Abdi warabi said the same thing, unfortunately so! Not to mention the hoodlums and clan traders and cabals ritualizing this, day in day out in the government owned Radios and TVs! Now the ‘Due’ are showing Somaliland prove of what they said and preached in big pictures! Riyaale has no moral authority to run Somaliland any more! He never had one ever! Riyaale has no legal authority to call him self-president of Somaliland any more! . His term of office has expired over a year ago! Now he is in the midst of criminal activity! Riyaale and his Moneyman must be treated as war instigators, with past crimes, thus dealt as such. When a house is already burning the solution is not to set fire the next house! Is it? But that is what is going on in Somaliland nowadays! As Somalia is unfortunately burning Somaliland must burn? An equal opportunities proposition? It seems it is an equalization of evil driven by Mr. Riyaale and his Moneyman on behalf of a foreign entity wishing ill for Somaliland, in exchange of Money, as widely believed! An entity, which thinks their national interest, is in this horrible scheme going on in Somaliland! And for that reason they paid the newly printed Somaliland shillings Riyaale and Awil are distributing to hoodlums, cabals and among the unelected, unaccountable house of Guuti, bribing them as to support their mission of destabilization of Somaliland! That said entity, hired Mr. Riyaale and his Moneyman Mr.Awil, as many people in Somaliland believe! I know the world may never understand how such things happen, but those who studied the history and the back ground and the moral standing of these two people may not find it difficult to understand such possibility! I am therefore calling all the conscionable sector of the nation to unite against this evil undertaking. This unprecedented phenomenon, where a government or head of the government entered a contract that will destroy his country with the enemy of the country he governs and extended his right hand on the Book of Allah that he will be honest for the country and the people of Somaliland! All for money even when every penny from Somaliland goes to him, with out any accountability! This is beyond comprehension! This is treasonous act, which they must be accountable for! As a matter of fact the ‘due’ were not believers of Somaliland in the first place! How they landed where they are? They sneaked in an environment SNM created, accommodating and forgiving all communities and individuals who were on the side of the genocidal regime of Siyad Barre! When SNM won back Somaliland, their mystical chant was: Reflection and not retribution, forgiveness and not revenge. It seems Riyaale and his Moneyman never appreciated that (rare) virtue! They manipulated instead, and the result is what we are seeing before our eyes in disbelieve! In 1980’s SNM warned the world that Siyad Barre and his genocidal regime must be stopped before they destroy the Somali Republic. They were already at war with (Somaliland) then the Northern Regions! No one heeded that call. Only SNM answered that call and saved Somaliland from extinction The indifference of the international community produced all the unfortunate bi-product we unfortunately witness to day in Somalia like: Wars, Poverty, Refugees, death beyond counting, destruction beyond measure, war lords of no bounds, pirates beyond control, extremist fundamentalist vowing to create a ‘Talabaan’-like government in the horn of Africa’ and the rest of it! The other day the vice president of Somaliland whose term of office expired said that “they will establish a ‘talabaan’like government in Somaliland” by force as they are sitting there in the presidential palace by force, as their term in office has expired and because they don’t have any bond or connection with the people of Somaliland! The confused Mogahish government of Mr. shareef, which has been established in Djibouti, said the same thing to day, April 18th 2009! The ‘due’ are dancing together here in this adventure of  “Talabaazing “the Somali peninsula with out the consent of the people concerned! The world must take notice of this! The people must take notice of this Here history repeated it self in Somaliland! Again we found our self warning and appealing the world to save Somaliland from her government just like Siyad before them! The flock leading by Riyaale and Awil are working over time in creating clan conflicts to fume inter-clan wars in the country.  They beat the drum of war sentiments through the public Radio, TV, and Newspapers. They barred from the Opposition to use these media outlets! If Riyaale and Awil’s way goes through, Somaliland will become like Somalia with all the packages mentioned above, and that is what they are up to! The thugs must be stopped before it is too late for every one, the local and the international communities alike!

The local front

All the progressive forces must be united with the main opposition party-kulmiye, under the banner of ‘United Front for the Salvation of Somaliland ‘(UFSS) these forces may consist of:  Kulmiye-Qaran-Udub for change-Odis- and the independent conscionable sector of the society. Also ucid, if ucid refrains from the role of hypocrisy they often play. That is over 95% of the population. That national force must defend the country from the traitors through peaceful means. The front must coordinate with all clans so as to dispel any confusion or conflict planted in their midst! The police kids must be educated as not to shoot their people and opposition leaders as often happens and as often ordered by Riyaale and flock! Although the public media outlets are barred from the opposition the salvation message must be conveyed to the public in one way or the other. And so God be with you.

The international front

International community must exert pressure on the moral less Riyaale and his Moneyman by not dealing with them as representatives of Somaliland a) Refusing them visas to travel to where they hid the (public) money b) Freezing all the (stolen) assets and Bank accounts in foreign institutions any where c) Giving hand and work with the progressive UFSS to save their country, which is saving the region from disaster as, articulated above. Together we could avert another Somalia in Somaliland and the region will sleep in peace but we have to act and do so, soon and God with you as well! However peace Ibrahim Mead

Ibrahim Mead