The Somaliland Diasporas are fully supporting Kulmiye’s call for peaceful rallies throughout the country

The theme of the day is change. president Rayaale do the right thing and voluntarily leave office when your time expires. Kulmiye is for peaceful transition of power. They are for democracy, the rule of law, and they following Somaliland’s constitution. Kulimye emerged as a powerful, peaceful and responsible national party. Somalilanders  want this emerging reform party to lead the country in the right direction. I am saying to president Dahir Rayaale and his government, you did a good job. I commend you on how you safeguarded the peace and order in the country. But president Rayaale the country badly needs change. The wind of change is blowing with a very high speed. The thunderstorms and hurricanes change are raging throughout the landscape of the country. From Zeila to Sool and Sanaag. From Borama to Burao and every hamlet, farm, valley and mountain side, everybody is singing  of change are raging with full force. The birds are swinging from tree to tree and singing change. Old and young, Men and women, PhD’s and no d’s are all singing change. A fever similar to the Obama fever last year, 2008 is blowing throughout the country. President Rayaale, visionary leaders know when to quit. Do the right thing and listen to the voices of the masses. The time people will give a leader blind support simply because of his clan affiliation is gone. Gone are the days when a single invocation of”Tulaayay” can give a manipulative leader an automatic a blind support. Those days are gone.

President Rayaale do the right thing and voluntarily leaves office when your time expires. At this stage there is no single scenario by which you can win. At this level great leaders take the high road and quit. The Mugabes, Kibakis, Bashirs
Suleiman Egeh-Freelance writer