An open letter to SOMALILAND All-Party Parliamentary Group. Wesminister Parliament London, U.K

Dear Friends of Somaliland,

Somaliland is sleep walking into self-destruction. There is no other culprit but its President. It needs a quick unreserved salvation. It calls for its friends to help shake its leadership into sense, to bring President Riyaale to come back to rule of the law. Media is cracked, political activities denied, while the ruling party is singing and dancing all alone and with the meager wealth of this nation.

When we were thinking what worse can come, it just happened this morning. It is the last nail on the democracy coffin in Somailand. The army is used to overturn a simple disciplinary decision by the Speaker and Code of Conduct Committee of the elected house of parliament. The Committee banned six members who violently disrupted the order of the house for the shortest period of only three days. To the surprise of all, just yesterday the six said in Press release” No one can stop us, we are coming tomorrow and let us see who can stop us”

Right to their words, they did come with a force of 200 Special Police unit…for the rest read this article under.

Friends, It is now or never. Your quick action is needed and needed with tangible results. First and foremost, denounce these series of illegal, undemocratic actions by the President. Stand for the people of Somaliland, and stop turning this peaceful nation into hell. Somaliland is bleeding, that bleeding can be stopped now, there will be time it would not. Please do help and save for the whole humanity. The effect of unstable Somaliland will be global, it will reach beyond its borders. We all know its impact for we witnessed how 1980’s civil war touched us all over the world. That is why half of Somalilanders are spread all over the world.

Sincerely Yours,

Ahmed Arwo


Somaliland Democracy Shield

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