Somaliland Presidential Guardsman Made “Death Threats” Against Lawmakers

HARGEISA, Somaliland (Somaliland Globe)- A member of Somaliland presidential guard had made death threats against Mohamed Nur Arrale and Ali Hassan Mohamed in the presence of the head of Intelligence and head of the presidential guard yesterday, lawmakers told the press.

The lawmakers were in the parliament when the death threats were made against them. It is not clear until now why the death threats were made against the two.

“There was absolutely no grudge between us and the presidential guardsman,” lawmakers declared.

The head of the intelligence and the head of the presidential guard were both standing within earshot when the guard was making the death threats against us, said Representative Ali Hassan Mohamed, according to Warya TV.

The name of the presidential guardsman was not given.

Somaliland is witnessing its worst political crisis since the infamous intra-clan civil strife in November 1994.

The current crisis was “willfully” precipitated by president Rayale who refused to respect the Electoral Law of the country by insisting to hold the forthcoming presidential election planned for 27 September without “voter registration list”, turned a deaf ear to the donor countries’ advice to reconsider his “unwise decision”, rejected to follow the resolution passed by the Lower House of Parliament calling on him to reconsider his decision “within seven days”, brushed aside the advice of the leaders of the two Houses of Parliament, and ignored the massive public rallies staged across the country.

The time remaining for president Rayale to put his house in order is fast running out: his mandate will expire in October this year but he is unlikely to step down “without a fight”, analysts believe.

Meanwhile, the prospect of impeachment and immediate removal from office hangs over his head.

Somaliland Globe