The Candidates

The KULMIYE Party Candidate for President in 2017 election is HE. Muj. Musa Bihi Abdi while HE. Mr Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail (Saylici) is the Vice Presidential candidate of the Party.

                 Who is Musa Bihi Abdi?  






Musa Hussain Abdi (Musa Bihi) – The KULMIYE party Presidential Candidate of Somaliland in the 2017 general election was born in a small town west of Hargeisa City in 1948. He started his first studies at Ma'allin Jama and Sh Ibrahim Barawe Quranic schools in Hargeisa.

1959 – 1966 – He attended Elementary and Intermediate education in Biyo-dha'ay Schools.

1966 – 1970 – He attended Secondary Education at Amoud, Borama.

1970 – 1973 – He studied his first degree as military Air Force Pilot in Djembe Air force academy in Karganistan (in the former USSR). 

1973 – 1974 – He began work in Somalia's Air Force as a fighter pilot in Mogadishu.

1974 – He became a member of the Air force command team in Somalia's Baidao Air force base.

1975 – He became the Deputy Commander of the Balli-doogle Air force base.

1977 – He was one of the fighter pilots that took part in the 1977 Somalia- Ethiopia war. His plane was later shot down over Jigjig but he ejected to safety before the plane came down near Hargeisa.

1978 – He became Deputy Director of the Research Office of the defence Ministry of Somalia

1979 – He became head of the foreign relations section (Europe and USA) of the Defence Ministry of Somalia.

1981 – He was one of the first 4 Somali officers invited to a meeting in the US Defence Ministry (the Pentagon).

1981 – He attended a training course on military procurement and its bylaws in a military College at Dayton, Ohio, USA.

1983 – He was arrested in Mogadishu linking him with demonstrations in Hargeisa. He was released after 6 months without charge.  

1984 – He attended training a course at Fort Lee College in Virginia USA.

1985 – He joined SNM and was appointed to become the Commander of the SNM forces in the west regions of the country.

 1987 – He became a member of the SNM Central Committee after the organisation's General Congress in Harar.

1988 – He became head of the SNM intelligence department.

1988 – June – August, he was the SNM Commander of the Hargeisa Garrison during the war between SNM and Siyad Barre's Military where he was injured twice.

1988 – November, he was one of the SNM officers leading the heaviest battle between SNM and the Somalia government forces in Wajale and Kalabaydh.

1988 – (December) He was instrumental in the idea and formation of the Somaliland Guurti (House of elders)

1989 – He chaired the SNM Balligubadle General Congress in which Mr. Abdirahman Ahmed Ali (Somaliland's first president) was elected.

1989 1991 – He became head of the SNM Security and that of the Refugee Camps in Darroor, Kam Abokor and Dul-ad.

1991, 92, 93 – He was one of the Senior officials leading the peace making conferences and declaration of the re-independence of Somaliland which were held in Berbera, Burco and Sheikh.

1993 – He actively participated in the successful Borama Conference and later became the Interior Minister of Somaliland until August 1995.

1996 – He participated in the rehabilitation of the SNM.

19962000 – He turned to farming and camel breeding life.

2001 – He formed Sahan Political organisation with other politicians in Somaliland.

2002 – He joined KULMIYE Party which was under formation at the time.

2008 – He was elected first Deputy Chairman of KULMIYE Party at the Party Congress in Buroa.

2008 – 2010 – He studied Conflict Resolution and leadership in Hargeisa University.

2010 – He became the Chairman of KULMIYE after the party won the 2010 Presidential Election in Somaliland.

2014 – He was re-elected as KULMIYE Party Chairman in the Party's Congress in Hargeysa.

2015 – He was elected as the KULMIYE Party Presidential Candidate of the 2017 Somaliland elections in the Party's Central Committee Conference in Hargeisa.

 Major achievements during Mr Bihi's time as Interior minister include:

  • The formation of the two parliamentary Houses (Representatives and Guurti)
  • The formation of the national Army and the disarmament of the local Militias.
  • Nationalisation of the county's income generating installations/assets.
  • Formation of the police, prison guards and other security forces.
  • Re-establishment of the police and prison service, reopening police stations and prisons around the country.
  • He was the first Somaliland Interior Minister to visit Lasanod, the main town in eastern Somaliland, where he travelled back with the regions selected members of the two Parliamentary houses.

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